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Our Vision

To be a superior teaching and research institution, having transformative impact on society and acting as a knowledge corridor between Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan and rest of the World.

Our Mission

MUST is committed to all-encompassing growth of its students, besides enabling them to tap the world of knowledge and assume leadership role in the future through a process of continual innovation in education, research, creativity, technological advancement and entrepreneurship.


Wisdom & Virtue.

Aims and Objectives

For the fulfilment of its mission, MUST aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide education of the highest academic quality, rigorous in its demands and distinctive in its character;
  • To promote advancement of society through research, creative activity, scholarly inquiry and the development of new knowledge;
  • To promote technological knowledge, science and arts for the benefit of state’s economy, serve the citizens through public programmes and provides other public service;
  • To achieve academic excellence across a broad range of disciplines through continuous innovation, improvement and expansion;
  • To make MUST a center for intellectually demanding and research-oriented education that nurtures independence of mind and critical inquiry, as well as enables students to realise their personal ambitions and contribute to the development of society.
  • To create a stimulating and salutary environment for students, faculty and staff, distinguished by unrelenting flinching commitment to high standards and respect for individual;
  • To produce the next generation of researchers, scientists, engineers and academics who are capable of shaping public and policy discourse besides grappling with prevailing challenges;
  • To develop MUST as a ‘student-centric university’ by establishing student councils, clubs, societies and support programmes.
  • To provide students with technologically enhanced learning required for pursuing their professional goals in the modern era;
  • To earn widespread recognition and endorsement for MUST through contributions in research, entrepreneurship and policy making.
  • To proactively expand academic and research networking at the national and international levels.
  • To attract, reward and retain outstanding faculty from diverse backgrounds by creating for them a welcoming and dynamic professional environment;
  • To secure long-term financial sustainability and maintain the level of capital investment necessary to achieve all academic objectives;
  • To create conspicuous and credible socio-economic impact by rendering long-term services to the society.
  • To meet society’s interests, concerns, priorities and aspirations;
  • To ensure freedom of thought and expression by promoting respect for the diversity and difference of opinion;
  • To promote equality in the university and making it accessible to all segments of the society without discrimination.
  • To transform lives for the benefit of society.

MUST’s Values

  • Academic Excellence and Advancement on Merit;
  • Fairness and Equality;
  • Pluralism and Diversity;
  • Outreach and Community-building;
  • Inclusiveness and Openness;
  • Academic Freedom and Freedom of Thought;
  • Non-Discrimination;
  • Ethically Acceptable Standards of Conduct;
  • Creativity and Innovation;
  • Leadership Development;
  • Environmental Sustainability;
  • Learner-centric and Personalized Learning;
  • Service with Integrity;
  • Collegial Environment and Dignity of Labour;