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Wish to witness impressive ROI on YOUR ad campaigns INSTANTLY? We, at VistaScale, can help you achieve it with our strategic PPC services. Our marketing experts help you ‘buy’ your way into the search results on the popular platforms via PPC now. One of the most established forms of online marketing, Pay Per Click grants full freedom on controlling your budget as you pay only when an audience shows interest by clicking your ad!

Be it lead generation or brand recognition our PPC is the most viable option you have to reach out to your target audience. You pay for each prospect and add them to your sales funnel without much effort.

How Can We Serve You via PPC?

SEO might bring you results organically but, PPC brings in double the traffic at a faster rate!

Setting up the PPC campaign:

We comprehensively strategize the PPC campaign after a careful analysis of your business and marketing goals, target audience, customer behaviour outlined, and KPIs. The understanding supports setting up the campaign.

Our PPC experts do demographic targeting, keyword research, formulate bidding strategies, estimate the budget, track conversion etc. The stage involves many other tasks as well.

Customized Reporting as per the client’s KPI

This phase is all about monitoring the PPC ad campaign performance and setting the ground for optimization. We send report weekly. Our report will furnish you with data relevant to your goals.

The report covers documenting clicks/impressions records, an in-depth analytical assessment of website engagement, lead quality and ROI. In brief, it offers a holistic view in a nutshell.

PPC Optimization

The insights drawn from the report supports taking data-driven decisions. VistaScale PPC team takes care of A/B Testing, tracks negative keywords and bid strategy changes, adjust targets and bids, schedule ads, include image extensions etc. It facilitates staying updated with platform developments.

Rest assured that your targets will see the right ads at the right time, within your budget.